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Saurabh Sharma & Paresh Waghela aka Shams & Wags, the deadly cricket crazy duo promising to cover the reviews, comments and more on cricket.

It was way back in Feb 2007 when the duo met in a company where they used to work. Besides working, discussing over cricket matches, watching cricket and enjoy their favourite player play was the best way they could spend the time.
About Shams:
Shams is originally from Jabalpur, now working in Mumbai. He Β is a Hindi Guru. He comes up with some deadliest of words in Hindi which makes even a serious person laugh. He plays a major role in stats and facts that appear in the article.Cricket is his passion

About Wags:
Paresh, born and brought up in Mumbai is a simple yet stylish tall left hander who likes to play around with words.Coming up with small tag lines or crisp articles is his speciality. Needles to say, a die-hard cricket fan.
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We - Saurabh Sharma aka Shams and Paresh Waghela aka Wags are super enthusiastic and die hard cricket fans. Sharing our take on cricket matches, players comes with a lot of passion. We eat, drink and sleep cricket.

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  1. i was too passinate like Paresh… but some how life took me to Bollywood .. i mean this industry impresses me more than any other… and here too cricket also in Lagaan… My mind used to wander… now it wonders why people watch so much of cricket…

  2. Gr8 going guys πŸ™‚

    well, shams 1st of all thnx a tonne for appreciating my work. U guys r certainly on a rite track n m sure one day ull b roaming inside the Indian Cricket Team’s dressing room sharing ur views with may be sachin or shewag !!! arrange one pass for me as well πŸ˜‰
    Happy blogging n do keep visiting http://www.ajeetsinghpawar.com
    i promise to keep things gripping n full of fun πŸ™‚

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