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Champions Trophy 2009

We are inching towards the last debacle of World cricket calendar for the year.
Yes we are talking about the Champions Trophy. With 8 teams playing for the title and the top four team desperate to retain the top position, it’s going to have some exhilarating contests between the teams.Champions Trophy is also referred as ‘Mini World Cup’ and it’s played once in every two years.

The teams have been divided in 2 groups. Each team will be playing a match against the same group.
The group structure is as follows
Group A: Australia, India, Pakistan and WI
Group B: England, New Zealand, SA and SriLanka.
India is placed in one of the toughest group as it has the likes of Australia, Pakistan and West Indies. The Champions Trophy will kick start on 22nd September between SA and SL at the Centurion.India will take on Pakistan on 26th September at the same venue and believe us, its going to be as good as a final match. India has never lost to Pakistan in any World cup format and we hope that record remains intact.
Let’s hope to see some wonderful matches in this 50 over format which is talked about losing it’s interest over the T20 format.

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Cricketing Actions for Indians!!

Finally after a long break there’s some cricketing action to begin for the Indians.
To start with, we have the Tri Series to be played in Sri Lanka starting 8th September.It’s a small series between Srilanka, New Zealand and India.Then we have the Champoins Trophy with 8 participating countries to be held in South Africa. Now this is the biggest tournament as far as the year 2009 is concerned.
Hope we keep winning the matches that come in our way and grap the Numeber 1 position in the ODI rankings.
Untill then, lets sit back and enjoy the beauty of cricket.