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Clash Between The Asians!

In the midst of the Football World Cup, lets revisit the other super game thats Cricket.
The Asia Cup has started featuring Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Srilanka. India will take on Bangladesh in Dambula today i. e, 15th June 2010. Tamim Iqbal from Bangladesh has shown some super form in Test Match against England in England. A century at Lords has already made him special. Talking about India’s form, the series in Zimbabe was a series to forget. The seniors are back in the team, so lets hope for a explosive start. It will be good opportunity for Saurabh Tiwari to show his exploits with the bat for team India. He has already impressed everyone with his performance for Mumbai Indians.
The match to watch out is on Saturday- 19th June 10  as India take on their arch rival Pakistan.

So while everyone is glued to Football World Cup, lets stay tuned to Cricket as well.


हैरान होने की आवशकता नहीं है!ये ShamsnWags  का ब्लॉग ही है! हमें बहुत से पाठकों ने लिखा की एक लेख हिंदी में भी होना चाहिए! तो प्रस्तुत है ये लेख जो भारत की १०० वि  टेस्ट मैच विजय के उपलक्ष में है! कानपूर के ग्रीन पार्क  स्तादियम में खेले जा रहे है श्रेंखला के दुसरे टेस्ट मैच के४ दिन भारत ने श्रीलंका पे शानदार विजय प्राप्त करते हुए पारी और १४४ रन से जीत दर्ज की! ये जीत भारत की टेस्ट मत्चेस में सौवीं जीत है! सही मायनों में पूरी टीम ने इस जीत में योगदान किया परन्तु पहली पारी में  सलामी जोड़ी की शानदार पारी थी जिसके फल्स्वरोप भारत ने विशाल स्कोर किया और बाद में गेंदबाजों ने श्रीलंका की दोनों पारियों को ध्वस्त किया! भारत ने टस जीत कर पहली  बल्लेबाजी का निर्णय लिया जो की पिट्च को देख कर स्वाभाविक था! सहवाग और गंभीर ने भारत को ठोस शुरुवात दी तथा मध्य क्रम  ने ज़बरदस्त जुझारूपन दिखाते हुए पहली पारी में ६४२ का स्कोर खड़ा किया! श्रीलंका की पहली पारी की शुरुवात ख़राब रही जिसके फलस्वरूप पूरी टीम २२९ पे अल आउट हुई और उन्हें फोल्लोओंन खेलना पड़ा! दूसरी पारी का हाल भी यही था और पूरी श्रीलंका टीम २६९ भी बिखर गयी! मैच के मुख्या आकर्षण प्रज्ञान ओझा का टेस्ट मत्चेस में पर्दार्पण (debut) तथा स्रीशंत की शानदार वापसी थी! तीसरा और अंतिम टेस्ट मुंबई में २-६ दिसम्बर’०९ को खेला जायेगा! पूरी भारतीय टीम को ShamsnWags की तरफ से बधाई! जय हो!!

Indian curry in Caribbean

In the midst of the Swine flue where the chances of the tour being called off was a possibility, we head towards Sabina Park-Kingston for a wonderful ODI series between India and West Indies.
There is news about the sad demise of king of Pop Michael Jackson.Our sincere tribute to MJ.

India would be playing with out some of the star players yet Gayle has his apprehensions against the Indians as he strongly believes that on a given day, any player can change the course of the play for India. Hope that our player creates havoc for Gayle and Co.
It has been sorts of comeback for Aashish Nehra afer a long time courtesy injury to Zaheer.
While we have a look at one of the videos where Dhoni had dropped a sitter on Nehra’s bowling, there was a serious piece of thought being given by Nehra to Dhoni. MS was mere a wicketkeeper that time around. If one were to see that video again, Nehra getting picked in the Indian squad would be a far off possibility as Ms is now a captain.
Strangely, Nehra has never been dropped due to bad performance. His inability to stay fit through out the series has always worked against him, resulting into bring dropped.

Good time for Abhishek Nayar to show his skills as he had demonstrated while playing for Mumbai Indians. He is a classic left hander who can do both job attack and hold the fort when ever required.

Apart from the Calypso king Gayle, the player to be watched out is Dwayne Bravo.
If one bravo was not enough, there’s one more to join the party, yes Darren Bravo, Dwayne’s brother. We haven’t seen the exploits of the debutant Darren yet, so let’s see what he has got under his head.

So let’s enjoy in the series in Calypso style – Ho la la la la lu le yo!!

Aane De!!

After days of having a go at each others team, we are back united to support our ‘Men in Blue’ as we inch closer towards the second edition of the ICC T20 World Cup in England.

The irony of the fact is that none of the top senior player of Indian Team would feature in the T20 World Cup even though they played instrumental role in the season 2 of IPL.
This holds true in case of Australia as well as both Haydos and Gilly, the top run getters in the IPL have already retired.

It was mixed bag for us as far as practice matches goes with one win and one loss. Strange fact is that India hasn’t won any T20 game against New Zealand while against Pakistan hasn’t lost any world cup match (all formats).

It’s going to be a happy headache for the selectors to pick the team as the bench strength is very strong and all youngsters raring to go. Rohit, Gambhir, Jadeja has shown their shine with bat in practice matches while Ishant, RP and Ojha need to carry their form with ball from IPL to this tournament.

With India playing as defending champions..there’s nothing to defend. “Yeh Cup Kahin Nahin Jayega.”

So what are we waiting for, Aane de!!