Vuvuzela- That’s the name of horn which is making sound at FIFA World Cup 2010.Also known as “lepatata” (Tswana name) it’s a 3 ft 3 inches instrument creating lot of controversy on distracting players on field with noise. FIFA as of now has not yet decided to ban the instrumentbut there’s been lot of eyebrows raised by the players.
Coming on to game updates – last weekend – Argentina started their campaign with 1-0 win over Nigeria and Korea beat Greece 2-0 in Group B. England one of the strong contenders this time started off well with captain Gerrard leading from the front strikes early for his side, but soon US team counter attacked and it was a suicide goal from English Goal-keeper slipping ball into his own net. The game which could’ve easily gone in England’s favour, ended in a draw England 1 -1 USA. In another match Slovenia managed to beat Algeria 1-0. These were results from Group C.
Group D results saw Ghana beating Serbia 1-0 followed by Germany thrashing Australia 4-0.

Group E kicked off really well with Japan beating Cameroon 1-0 and Dutch team enjoying Danish party, The Netherlands beat Denmark 2-0.

Group F had defending champions Italy taking on Paraguay. Match ended in a draw 1-1 with some great moves and fighting spirit shown by Paraguay team.

Today 15th June Matches –

New Zealand facing Slovakia @ 17:00 IST – Group F

Portugal vs Ivory Coast @ 19:30 IST – Group G (Group of Death)

Samba boys Brazil vs N. Korea @ 23:50 IST – Group G.

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6 thoughts on “Vuvuzela!”

  1. I read some interesting fact about vv ..
    Besides the RSA vs Mexico game, all other games were of countries other than RSA. & whites were blowing vv not the native south africans. I dont know how much truth in this fact, but seems the Eurpoeans are loving VV as much as african natives. Italy or germans match or yesterday’s match b/w brazil & korea was filled with the sound of vv & non-africans were proud blowing their vv.

    No one blows vv during anthem, even if SA is out in the group stages, it is certain that the vv WILL NOT die out
    WC the biggest soccer festival comes with colorful cultural heritage, and the first time it comes to Africa and brings one of the african’s heritage trumpet “vuvuzela”. If we can accept drums and singing and flutes & ofcourse super hot cheergals, then why can’t Vuvuzelas. Atleast not much distracting as IPL cheergals!!!

  2. hey good work guyz ,
    but the more u write on WCF 2010 more greedy v readers will become … so it is a tough job ahead for u guyz to keep posting all thru this event ….
    But, cant help it … WE WANT MORE 😉
    so get on with the work guys 😉

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