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The fire was sparked in all three in when they were just past being toddlers. Over a period of time, they started discovering, that the observations they make about the game, the opinions they express, actually make sense. They were listened to by many a keen ear in a lot of conversations about cricket. Then Shams and Wags thought of reaching out to the cricketing fraternity all over, without any geographical bounds. Naturally came the idea of starting this blog, www, As in all such initiatives, there was no dearth of people coming along, and Sanjeev, Debdeep, our own Hemant Uncle, and others also started contributing. Shamsnwags is now becoming a rich repository of all aspects of cricket, past, present, and at times, even future. We all are loving the journey, and so are our followers. Come, join the party!

The Shamsnwags Story:
Going back down the memory lane of 2008, two young, astute & passionate cricket fans, didn’t want their views to fizzle out as mere discussions over cup of tea. The challenge was how do we make it bigger and reach out to widespread cricket enthusiasts world over?
With the quest to carry on their love and passion for cricket and shaping up their discussions to paragraph, they decided to enter into a public domain via an interactive platform which would help them reach out to people with similar passion and wavelength along with an option for people to respond back and contribute back with their valuable views and opinion brought into existence.

The Author Trinity

Saurabh Sharma
Sanjeev Sathe
Author & Editor
Paresh Waghela
Co-Founder, Editor, Admin

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