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All He Needs Is Lactose Power!!!!

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What bigger pride than donning India’s Cap?
Captaining the side is even a bigger honor. What more is in the store? His satiety level is more. Coming from a small home town and reaching this height is really a commendable thing. The best thing that would have happened to the deserving sports person is what has happened. Yes he has been conferred India’s one of the biggest award in sports category. The Khel Ratna Award.

Born on July 7th 1981, in a Small town Ranchi seldom would have thought that he will make a big name for himself. It was against Bangladesh on 23 December 2004 that Mahendra Singh Dhoni made his debut in the ODI. It would have been the most forgetful match as he didn’t trouble the scorers as he got run out on a duck. Since then with his hard hitting prowess, he has become the back bone of Indian cricket team. One can really say that he is continuing the good work carried out by dada to build up a strong team. He is a man who would speak straight from his heart. One can clearly remember the IPL finals where Chennai Super Kings lost, he did not pin point anyone and he said we lost as a team.

Wining T20 world cup for India was the major event. He is a very cool and calm customer. Making him the captain of the side was the wise decision as he is the most deserving person. He is never short of words and also has the ability to handle the so called media very cleverly.

Be it his hair style or his batting style Mahi has always earned accolades. Even Pakistan’s President Gen. Musharraf also praised him for his hairstyle

Back in school, he was a goal keeper of his football team. The transformation from a goal keeper to wicket keeper has not been as difficult as has steel grit. Right through out his career he has played some wonderful cricket and he is the best bet behind the wickets.

Like Adam Gilchrist,Mahi has shown a new dimension to Indian cricket.
And can you imagine what he needs after all to be strong and powerful?

Yes all he needs is the Lactose Power!!!

2 thoughts on “All He Needs Is Lactose Power!!!!

  1. Dhoni is surely one of the greatest thingz tht haz happened 2 Indian cricket…but my personal view iz tht…am not 2 sure he would handle the politicz of Indian cricket properly…with hiz no nonsense attitude, I hope he doesnt invite more enemiez within the board than the people who wud support him…..With Yuvi clearly expressing hiz desire to lead Indian cricket & Dhoni rubbing BCCI in wrong wayz..i hope he doesnt jeopardize hiz place in the side…..the only thin tht haz gone Dhoni’s way iz the succezz he haz got az the Indian captain & the mass support he will have. Clearly if any cricketer today drawz major support like Sachin doubt it iz Dhoni. So I hope with all the adulation & succezz tht he haz achieved…none of thiz goez to hiz head…coz we have a gr8 history within Indian cricket how our Board can be ruthlezz whn they need 2..Ganguly iz a gr8 example for everyone…..even Sachin 4 tht mattr, being the most successful cricketer our country haz evr seen haz nevr antagonised “The Richest Board” in his 19 yrz career so far… i hope Dhoni learnz the art of handlin people the right way….meanwhile letz wish every Indian for the First Individual Olympic Gold tht Abhinav Bindra haz got the eventz 128 year old history….Cheerzzzz!!!!

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