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Black Tuesday

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While one would have viewed great cricketing action in all formats of the game, the incident in Pakistan on 3rd March 09 has shattered the slightest amount of peace that was still prevailing in the minds of both the players and fans.

The Sri Lankan team was attacked in Pakistan some hours before the start of the Second Test Match at the Gadaffi stadium. The Lankan’s had shown a courageous move by agreeing to play cricket in Pakistan despite the fact that most of the countries had already backed out. The incident has been highly condemned by the cricketing bodies and the fans across the globe. More than 6 of the Lankan players got injured and chances are their carrier would be in stake. The question has already being raised to ban Pakistan as a venue from the international arena.
The attack by some filthy anti social elements translates a fact that Pakistan is no longer a safe venue for cricket. Similar sort of incident had happened while New Zealand had toured Pakistan in May 2002. There was an explosion in front of the hotel where the New Zealand Players were accommodated. Time and again such incidents dent the psyche of the players as well as the fans. Cricket is loosing its beauty due to such kind of incidents.

The IPL which is supposed to start in April 09 is under a cover as security will be a major concern in minds of every cricket players.

Steps taken by England Players of continuing the tour despite attack in Mumbai recently could be stated as ‘Courageous’, but we are very much sure that such moves will now be reduced to be termed as ‘Stupid Move’ rather than ‘Courageous’ .

We were all set to view cricket’s greatest debacle of the World cup in 2011 that was supposed to be hosted in the Asian countries. The recent attack has already raised question over the venue of the World Cup and our dream to watch the World Cup Finals at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai is now completely shattered!!

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7 thoughts on “Black Tuesday

  1. This is really sad. I was talking to one of my pakistan friends the other day and they are so really scared about the whole thing as well. Its not only the people but the country as the whole which will be suffering.

    I dont see pakistan playing anywhere even if the matches are played outside.

  2. This is proof enough that our neighbour are in bad shape and are victim of their own doings.

    Feel sorry for Sri Lankan players. They went there as a symbol of good will gesture and definately dont deserve the treatment they got.

  3. Its going from bad to worse for the Pakistanis…
    All aid to that country should stop, for their own good. All arms, ammunition & money seems to be getting into the wrong hands and these “terrorist elements” seem to be turning it on Pakistan only

    What I find the funniest is how the Pak Govt is (tryig to)turn this around and trying to frame India for the attack


  4. Though I am really worried – as always & thought Zardari’s administration would bring some hope to India (read as world!!) but it has gone from bad to worse, I would say. I have always believed in the good hearts of the People of Pakistan. But, ‘some’ are causing danger to those people! Lets hope allah himself descends on Pakistan and shower some blessings on his followers. I just cant accept that the same religon which has ‘Sufi’ with it is being maligned.

    Btw, Pakistan mein digital advertising ka kya haal hai?

  5. All i can say about whatever happened on 3rd March is that now the chances of the asian countries to host the next world cup are very dim…i just hope all goes well and we dont loose that opportunity…and as far as about Pakistan..all that took place was nothing all of a sugden..looks like everything planned way before and the cops were off to sleep when those bastards fled off on their thing i am glad about is that INDIA didnt go this time to play in Pakistan..

  6. This whole act explains the severity of situation. Even the game of cricket which is symbolic of lateral relations between nations is targeted. If terrorism can’t be tackled at this level, then the end is definitely near!

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