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Change for better or worse !!!!!!!

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We saw in that how the girl’s fiancé wants her to change her identity completely for him before they get married, just to match his lifestyle. .
This one is a real nice story for all the people in this world that we get to know after seeing this episode of Maniben. There are moments in real life that many of us feel where we are disappointed and decide that it’s the end of everything. But here’s Maniben who does not get the certificate in the finishing school, still she is not upset, she is all the more positive and wants to keep people around her cheerful.

She understands the human values of companionship and Love; and that she expresses in the way she treats Jaman even after him treating her rudely.
But well said by Maniben, “Badlav ache ke liye hona chaiye, bure ke liye nahin”

Well that’s how all the Maniben’s should be…. What say?

4 thoughts on “Change for better or worse !!!!!!!

  1. well said dear i completely agree on wat u say and the way u expressed mani ben…..
    good one keep it up…..

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