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Cheer leader Rakhi-Grace or Disgrace?

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I think people have still not over come the hype of the success of the IPL matches where the cheerleader would rock the boundaries. What was a success for one series cant be taken for granted for the other series.

There’s a buzz around that Rakhi Sawant is going to be the Cheer leader for the ICL matches. Goodness gracious, spare a thought on the Gentlemen’s game, they could not get any better than Rakhi Sawant?

Cricket is all about class. The presence of Rakhi Sawant would take the grace away from cricket. Well as it is ICL does not have much of attraction so it’s ok for them to have her as the Queen Bee of the Cheerleader gang.

8 thoughts on “Cheer leader Rakhi-Grace or Disgrace?

  1. Wow .. Great Thought .. So according to you Rakhi Sawant has “ No Class ” ??? .. What if Aishwarya Rai Bachhan was appointed ?? Then may be – you would have wrote about her with beautiful pictures and that for you would have been “ Class !! ”… Is it ?? ..…So the jury which have selected her as Cheer leader also don’t have any class .. what say  🙂

  2. Ofcourse a DISGRACE….I think we can have much better cheer leaders than her for sure..If she dsnt like any1 playin she wil start cryin on ground itself hehehehe ..Pl not her for sure

  3. WOW !!!! .. People commenting more on Rakhi than Cricket … lolz .. so this blog is on what ?? Cricket or Rakhi Sawant ?? .. Today – Paresh’s blog has got more comments in less time – than ever … Thats the magic of Miss. Rakhi Sawant ….ha ha ha ha … Rakhi Rocks 🙂

  4. IPL is a business oreanted leage, ofcourse Rakhi should be a part of the cheer leader team…. then it will make some point wht u say paresh?

  5. Right said fred…rakhi sawant is gonna kill the game….i can imagine cricket becoming a reality show for her….she would go out running like crazy behind Dhoni or Yuvi….lol….or she might even cause a fight between someone…we hope Rskhi sticks to her regulars Showz…and leave the cricket for god sakes…

  6. Still Rakhi ROcks !!! She is new ” QCL ” – Queen of Cheer Leaders .. lol..Koi shak !!! .. ( As i Said … 3rd one for u.. ) ..

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