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Classy Lefthanders!!

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When we say left handed batsman, the word classy naturally gets associated with it.
They look so elegant while they bat. The very first person that comes on the tip of my tongue is our very own Dada- Saurav Ganguly. He was once quoted as “Besides god, the next best on the off side is Ganguly”.

From the current Indian side, we have classy Yuvi, Suresh Raina and Gambhir.
No matter even if the right hander plays the similar looking shot, it does not look as elegant as the left hander s shot. By saying this, there’s no offence meant to the Right hander. We all know Sachin Tendulkar is right on the top!!

The current player from New Zealand Jesse Ryder, although looks like a rugby player, is as elegant as Stephen Fleming and some of his cover drives looks very similar to Flemings style of playing

Who are your favorite left handed players? Do post in your comments and let us know about them. Until then Shams n Wags signing off!!

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4 thoughts on “Classy Lefthanders!!

  1. Hmmm… Lefthanders are a serious hitting bunch isnt it….

    Well Who would forget Michel hussey.. Average of 90.90 what say man..

    and there is Kumara man….
    record breaking partnership with Mahela..624 !!!! huge…

    But seriously the best one would be YUVI man YUVI… 6/6 … wowie that we enjoyed against england ….Whack … Whack and Whack…
    Shucks Alex will rememeber it till his grave … what say…

    Most respectable one’s …arent they…

  2. Hi earthling,

    While its a prevliege of having your comments on the post, i am slightly curious to know your identity as i am struggling to recall who you could be!!!

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