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# Crickettales: C K Nayudu

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The 1932 tour of India to England announced C K Nayudu in the International arena. Jardine compared him to George Headley, Wooley and Hammond and some even went to the extent of calling him the Indian Bradman. The strong fan and friend of Bradman, Sir Neville Cardus objected to this strongly as :

Nayudu has stupidly been called “Bradman of India”. He shows no resemblance to Australia’s great and flawless rather steely master. Nayudu is lithe, wristy and volatile. Bradman is sturdy and concentrated, he never suggests that elusive and poetic quality which is called sensitivity. Nayudu is a very sensitive batsman: for each of his strokes, you get the impression of newborn energy, of a sudden improvisation of superb technique. Nayudu is not at all mechanical. Watching him from the ring you get in his play a delicious suggestion in his play of fallibility. Unlike Bradman, his skill is his servant, not his master. The glorious uncertainty of cricket is not endangered by Nayudu.”

What a comparison between an orange and an apple!!!

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