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David Shepherd Out for 68!!

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Who  would jump on the Nelson figure? The world of cricket is at a loss of great umpire David Shepherd. Chubby and jovial is how every one remembers him as. He was the most respected umpire amongst all the players and officials. ‘Play Gentleman’ would be his words even as he would indicate the players to get ready for the action.
Shepherd was a right handed batsman from Devon. He played county cricket for Gloucestershire from 1965-1979.  Sheps made his international debut as umpire in 1983 World cup. He officiated for the final time in 2005 in a Test Match in Kingston. He would always wish luck to the umpire at the other end. He earned respect from all the cricketers and his decisions were impeccable. If some time he erred in the decision, he would take it too seriously and feel bad about it.
Sound of timber is the death rattle for the batsmen for the innings; same is the case with this great umpire David Shepherd as he reached the end of his innings as he succumbed to cancer at the age of 68.
May Sheps soul rest in peace!!

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