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God Of Cricket Turns 36

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A very Happy Birthday to our very dear swashbuckling master blaster Sachin from Shams & Wags.
The Master turns 36 today, long live the pride of India, long live the symbol of cricket.
Shams was watching a cricket program this morning on a News channel in which Sachin said “It still feels to be a 16 year old. Same enthusiasm, same energy only the side locks greyed and years on calendar changed”.
There’s no point in discussing his records and stats here. He was, is and will always remain as the best player the game has ever seen.
Shams clearly remember a small quote on a billboard in Sydney cricket Ground which says “Go and commit sin while Sachin bat, coz even God watches him play”.
So all of you readers please log in and share your wishes or any thoughts with us on Sachin.

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