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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!!

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It was a record in itself, one of a kind for me. Ya for having grown the hair to the maximum length I could for a period of more than a year’s time.
It was for my long hair that I used to get looks and was also got starred many times.
Reason being strong resemblance to our Wicket Keeper Dhoni.

I remember going to Delhi to Yahoo office-Gurgaon. It was then that India had won the T-20 world Cup. I was celebrating the victory guzzling down beer in the guest house.
So the day when our victorious team was supposed to return to India and there was a grand welcome in Mumbai, my friends kept on asking me that what are u doing in Delhi, you should have been in Mumbai as you are the biggest cricket fan. My instant reply was 2 captains cannot be together at the same place hence I am here and he is in Mumbai.

Even while I had gone to Bangalore one old man passed by me, he stopped and came back and said you strongly resemble Dhoni, gently I said ‘Do you need my autograph sir . ..’ he bursted out laughing and told me you should be at the ground and incidentally it was India Vs Australia at the Chinnaswami Stadium Bangalore.

I had got used people starring at me or giving me looks and murmuring ‘He looks
like Dhoni’ , even on the streets some one would say “A Dhoni…”

Even as Dhoni had a haircut, people would tell me that now its your turn for a hair cut, to which my gentle reply would be He has Deepika, I don’t have Deepika!!

One Saturday some thing came to my mind and I headed straight to the saloon and got rid of my long hair, and post that I am getting looks again…….

One interesting thing I would like to share would be that earlier while i used to have small hair, I was addressed as Parthiv Patel and while with long hair, Dhoni.
I fail to understand why my life is revolving round Wicket keepers!!


3 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!!

  1. Keep the wickets intact dude… 😉 stay behind wickets and keep shouting….. well bowled bhajjiiiiii :p

    good good… finally you got rid and where’s the pic dude… post it here…

    keep bloggin!

  2. May it be cricket or the case of his hairstyle, the art is flourished all over in his pens, giving them more clout every time

    Keep yodeling mate credentials are all yours

  3. I’m least interested in Cricket. But after reading Paresh’s blog, I feel there’s more to it. No second thoughts about it that our advertising fraternity is cashing in on such ideas of combining cricket with our regular day lives. Cricket has more to it. Forget any caste or community, cricket is religion. Talking about Paresh, he’s a fanatic because he has drenched himself in the dynamism of Cricket – a religion in itself. I love the way he has taken shots at his resemblance to Dhoni. I loved the piece he wrote about Sachin – the masterblaster and Wasim Akram – the sultan. I seriously feel, some day Paresh will manage to write a short book on the role of Cricket in changing India’s identity globally.

    Kudos…..keep it up purnes

    [email protected]

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