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Has IPL Killed T20- World Cup excitement?

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After the super exciting round of the matches in the IPL, there were three occasions where the contest was Shams Vs Wags. After some close matches, Shams turned out to be the eventual winner as CKS beat MI in the finals. ” We could not gift Sachin the IPL Trophy as his birthday present. Nevertheless Well Played CSK” says Wags.
It may well look like the IPL has killed the excitement levels for the T20 World Cup. The T20 world cup does not seem to have the following as one had for IPL. The venue could be the major reason or may be it could be an over dose of cricket. Moreover the outfields are on the slower side.
The Men in Blue seem to be the favorite and strong both on papers and on field. Suresh Raina has started from where he had ended in the IPL. His blitzkrieg knock of 101 in the match against the Proteas proves that he is made of the steel mettle. He is a live wire in the outfield and it looks as if the ball follows him and he does not like the sight of the ball passing by him. Team India has made its way in the Super 8s and hope this time we win the T20 World Cup.

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  1. Only yesterday, i was talking to a friend, how much the T20 WC matches appear sheen-less. I agree, after watching IPL extravaganza, WC is bound to look colourless. One of the chief reasons is the money spent in the two events, on this count WC stands no where. Plus most IPL matches were D&N affair, that’s adding to some blandness at WC too.

    Indian team is looking good and one can hopr for the best.

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