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ICC-T20 World Cup

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The current ICC-T20 has not been as interesting as one would have thought to be.
Australia could not make to the Super 8’s.India is already out of the tournament.
Pakistan made a late back door entry by playing some superb cricket.
South Africa and WEst nidies could be the eventual winners.
The indian team has showed some dismal performance in the tournamemt which has proved to be very costly.
The Indians started as favorites as the players were in top form during the IPL-T20.
The success and fame in the IPL-T20 has a major role towards such bad performance in the T20. The players got carried away. Big moolah is in the minds rather than cricket.
Buck up Indians- What if we could not do better in ICC- T20 World Cup, we have the West Indies Tour ahead.. Make amends Men In Blue!!

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