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All of a sudden you come to know that in as less as 3 matches, he goes on to score 300 Runs. 2 Tons and one 80 odd in 3 innings. Yes I am talking about the lad from Ghaziabad (UP), the south paw Suresh Raina. Making his debut in Srilanka in Dambula in the Indian Oil Cup in 2005; he always had the fire in him. Although he didnt open his account as he was cleaned up by the Magic of Murali for a Golden Duck.
Its not that he is new to the Indian Team. He was around during the reigns of Dada and Mr Consistent. Not getting enough of the chance was his fate then, while he was always a live wire on the field. Post the IPL, things have changes and this live wire has started electrocuting the opponents with his cover drives and pull. He is a superb timer of the ball and hits them hard. He plays some of the shots with utter disdain.

While he didn’t play to the expectations, he was dropped out of the squad and was sent back to the domestic circuit. I think that was the time when he made up his mind and mate himself work hard; the consequences are open for every one to see.

He makes the singles count. He does not miss on taking the twos and the threes while he is flamboyant while hitting the ball out of the park and it’s a treat to watch and hear the sound of the timber while it meets the ball. While he comes into bat in he second innings he always would have stopped some 20 odd runs which boosts his confidence.

He like other left handers proves time and again the left handers are born with some talent and their way of playing has more flexibility than the right handed players, but nothing to take anything away from the right handers.

2 thoughts on “IT RAIN(A) SWHILE HE BATS!!!

  1. I completely agree with the fact that thiz guy (Suresh Raina) iz surely a talent to reckon with. And az rightly pointed out by you, leftiez surely make the game look stylish & exciting, be it Yuvraj while batting or Wassim bhai while bowling.

    Well coming back to Suresh Raina, i guezz the fact that he got dropped from the side came az a blessing for him, since it must have also made him realize the importance of ensuring your place in the team. The current one day team (with all due respect to the senior players) showz tht no player can take hiz place 4 granted & everyone haz 2 prove their potential on a consistent basis. Well Greg Chappel & Rahul Dravid were all praise for Raina’s talent when he waz a new kid with team India & today with hiz all round display of game he iz surely proving them right. He iz indeed a player to look forward. Am sure theze young gunz will make uz proud during the upcoming World Cup.

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