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It’s Shams Vs Wags….. not Shams n Wags

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Before any of you conclude that we’ve set apart, let us clarify, this is for 1st IPL match to be held in Cape Town on 18th April’09.
In our earlier post we’ve mentioned our favourite teams for the tournament – Shams cheering for Chennai Super Kings and Wags backing Mumbai Indians.
Yes, the very first clash of IPL season 2 will begin with an exciting match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.
With some of world class players in Mumbai Indians like blaster Jayasuriya, pace icon Zak backed by his captain one and only our Master Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai Indians want to turn this season in their favour.
It’s going to be a terrific match and the Saturday is going to be really entertaining . all the top guns would be restless to unleash themselves and fire all cylinders.

On the other hand last year’s runner up Chennai Super Kings have charismatic Captain Dhoni with his warriors like Haydo, Raina, Murli, Ntini and Balaji to blast this season also and conquer final frontier.

So sit back and enjoy and exciting clash to come – Shams vs Wags.

5 thoughts on “It’s Shams Vs Wags….. not Shams n Wags

  1. sssharma ji and Dhoni bhai.. this is awesome , rather mind blowing stuff dude..its good see your passion converting into such great output …keep it up and happy IPL2 cheers

  2. Saurabh&Paresh..the two awesome people that I have come across, good human beings with a rush in their blood, rocking & friends of friends. This initiative is probably a little bit of what these cheetaz can do! Sober Sharma & Poised Waghela…adrenalin galore! Looking forward to your regular updates. God Bless

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