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Kudos Gilly!!!!!!

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All Good Things Come To An End!! Kudos Gilly!!!!!!

While we saw a wonderful Test series come to an end, there was one thing to admire a lot amongst many things. Well, forget all the controversies that happened and also for the time being lets forget the number or runs the batsman have scored or the wickets the bowlers have taken, lets give our thought for worlds deadliest ever wicket keeper cum stylish attacking batsman from New South Wales ‘ Adam Craig Gilchrist’

Making his ODI debut in 1996, it was for his high quality as a keeper who could demolish the opposition’s bowling attack that got him his place in the side .Remember he had to replace the likes of Ian Healy who was a very brilliant keeper at that time and to replace a person like him required a great deal of quality.

Best thing about Gilly was that he would walk out if he felt he was out or if he felt that he has knicked the ball.

A keeper who does the most difficult job is seldom appreciated and his hard work is over shadowed by some good bowling or good batting. A batsman gets his share of rest if he gets out, and the bowler might get a breather at the change of the over which lasts for minimum 6 balls, and if he is tired, he is replaced by other bowler. But for the entire day or innings, the keeper has to have his footwork and glove work going and his work is always unnoticed.

He added a new dimension for wicket keepers and expectations from the keepers have only increased. The likes of Dhonis and Bouchers definitely owe big time to Gilly.

Gilly’s decision was a big surprise to the entire cricketing world and he is the best judge to make the decision. And it’s always good to retire when in prime form and sounds good when some one question’s as to why do you retire rather that asking why don’t you retire?


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9 thoughts on “Kudos Gilly!!!!!!

  1. Yes I do agree with you that He was one of the best ever to have played the game.” He will be deeply, deeply missed by the cricket fans all across the globe.
    As for the article – well ‘ u may think of taking up journalism seriously if you so love writing, why don’t u give it a shot.

  2. hey paresh
    i only knew of ur what man.. how r u man…until i read this…

    when it comes to cricket you are amazing with words.. wow is what comes first to my mind…
    altenate profession… go for commentator

    way to go!!!!!


  3. At the utmost level I would advise u to opt for an Editor wherein u can score best of all the players. Never part your pens down else words will loose its identity

    Great going!!!

  4. Brilliant Paresh. We all know your craziness for the game and status msgs. Superb article to read with a touch of expertise. One thing I remember Gilly stating that the series win by Aussies in India was one of the memorable series of his career.This came when whole world knows that for any australian cricketer how important “Ashes” is.Hats off to one of the finest wicket-keeper(his records speak)and deadliest batsman this game has ever seen.From next article on I’ll accompany you. 🙂


  5. That was great writing indeed, i liked wat & how you wrote. You can be a good editor, y dont you try Times and walk in an editor of the day… think bout it… otherwise i have always appreciated watever you write, now try to fly in the sky but yes keep it up

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