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Kudos – South African Dwarf

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Even as India is out of the ICC Championship tournament, the only resentment for Nicholas Nicolaides would be that he won’t be singing the Indian National Anthem for some time to come. Nicholas comes across as vertically challenged South African who spell bounded every one by a distinct quality. He sung Indian National Anthem’ Jana Gana Mana’ with out any mistakes,with proper pronunciation and that too live before the start of the match. This is first time in the history of the cricket event that a local guy has sung the national anthem of different countries live.
Nicholas is an avid cricket fan, and if not for singing, he would have been a cricketer.
Two decades of singing , he is still going strong. In his own words, “There was no part of the Indian National Anthem that was more difficult than the rest to perfect. But I understood the meaning of what I am singing. The words have a powerful meaning”
I am  very much impressed by Nicholas because as it is,our National Anthem brings goose bumps to me, but this time  listening to the National Anthem by a foreigner left me with moist eyes and a lump in my throat. Kudos Nicholas!!

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