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Late Swinging Yorker!!

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Just a couple of days ago we had mentioned in our article about the princely come back of our Dada Saurav Ganguly. Joyful was the moment even as the news was flashed about the inclusion of Dada in the Test Series against Australia.

Suddenly the entire joy has turned down to sorrow as we hear yet shocking news.
Yes it’s rather hard and surprising to believe that Saurav Chandidas Ganguly has announced his retirement and that this will be his last series.
Retirement was there in the mind of dada but only he knew when its coming and he has chosen non other than the Border – Gavaskar trophy for his retirement.
It’s a celebration time in Bengal this time of the year for the Kali Pooja which is their biggest festival. I am very sure that the new s of retirement will bring certain amount of sorrow in Bengal, in fact in entire India for that matter.

This flamboyant south paw made his ODI debut in Brisbane on Jan 11 1992 against West Indies, on contrast he made his Test debut in England on 20th June 1996 against England and there he scoured two centuries in his debut match.

He played his last ODI against Pakistan in Gwalior on 15th November 2007.

The quality of the good players is that he knows when to retire. As famously said: “Its good to retire when people ask why retire, rather than why not?”

Same kind of jolt received by the Australians when Adam Gilchrist had announced his retirement from the test side while India had toured and played his last match there. Only god knows why players prefer choosing the Border Gavaskar Trophy to retire? I think this can be only a matter of coincidence.

The best ever compliment that Dada would have got was “On the off side, the one next best to god is Ganguly’ These were the famous word of Mr. Dependable Wall Rahul Dravid.

Finally it’s entirely the player’s decision and one has to respect it. Dada, all the best for your future and hope you will silence your critics in the last few matches of yours before you retire!!

Article by Shams& Wags.

5 thoughts on “Late Swinging Yorker!!

  1. this is so shocking….and surprising…i never thot DADA wud do this…he has been my fav left handed batsman for years since he entered the cricketing leaving it in such a fashion is shocking…the class n the stature of players he comes from is of the premium quality..the ones, world look upon as their HEROES…i think its more of a loss to the nation and the cricketing world..he wasnt treated very well by the board i suppose…every person touches the trough sumtime or the other in his den its abt givin him an opportunity to prove himself…bt y do v need to gv Dada an opportunity..hasnt he proven himself in the past with his bat, ball, captaincy everything…huh…its high time nw v shd think abt the treatment of our national pride heroes…v cant just lose ’em…no onw wud like to…i wud never want him to go from the Team…bt if he has taken the decision…i bliv der it is a well thot off decision….n Best of Luk DADA…vll never 4gt u….u r one of the best left handed batsman and a player…the world has ever seen or wud c…Long Live DADA…

  2. Well dada was a true Bengal tiger…i remember those glory days he used to bring it for us Indians…there are ups and downs in every persons life…..its all part of the game called life…i feel that dada didn’t give up even when everyone was against him playing in the game…that’s what true sportsmanship is ….you never give up until you know that you cant…

  3. Interest did not blossom (to draw the attention of selectors)or has helost his sheen ?Hey days have gone for good and all.But his peregrination to success had been dramatic and always staged a splendid comeback. To come into the finest or fairest condition he has moved heaven and earth and would continue to do so……..GenX aspire to be DADA.

    Dada we will miss you.


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