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Legendary Role Model!!

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While it comes to cricket and even as one talk about Role Models, the 2 names that would surface would be our Master Blaster Swashbuckling Mumbai Bomber
‘Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’ and the Sultan of Swing ‘Wasim Akram’

As a youngster, any one would definitely look upon to the Master Blaster as a Role Model. He has played over two decades and still going strong…
His bat speaks for all, and it really speaks in tons and volumes. He does not have to show his aggression other than with his bat. A little grin of his and there goes the ball off the park when he smashes the bowler with utter disdain.

One has to really learn from him how to maintain that craftsman ship while playing and also how to handle stardom. Sachin … Sachin is the chant that goes all over the stadium while he plays in any part of the world. Can’t even think that he would have ever let his ego come on to his way in his illustrious career so far. I think in the current Indian Team, some of the players should have a look at it and make amends in their way of batting and behavior. One person I would like to single out would be Sreesanth. He is an aggressive lad but he needs to channalize his aggression and energy in to his bowling and he has to let the Cherry do the talk on the field rather than his mouth.
Sachin is one of the living legend and way ahead to go and he is owner of the company
‘Most Number of Test & ODI Hundreds’ .

One of the sign boards at the Sydney Cricket Ground(SCG) displayed “Go and commit mistakes they would be ignored coz even God watch when Sachin bats”( Source- Saurabh Sharma)

Moving on from the batting talks to the bowling, who can forget the all time lefty bowling legend yes that’s Wasim Akram aka Wasim Bhai.

I am very sure that every left arm fast budding bowler would have Wasim as a Role Model. There would be the likes of the McGrath’s, Pollock’s and Lees, but while it comes to leftarm bowlers, the list would not have those many names featured in it. Some times I do feel that he used to talk with the ball. One thing to worry as a batsman was he could bowl six different deliveries in a single over. The way he had command over the ball was really commendable. He could move the ball either ways and he was very lethal with his ‘In Swinging Yorkers’ and ‘Reverse Swing’

Little would you know that he was a diabetic and used to take insulin every day, even on the match day. Leading a life as a diabetic patient is as it is difficult for a person, so hats off to this Left Handed Role Modle of mine.


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4 thoughts on “Legendary Role Model!!

  1. Yessss!!! paresh I agree with you on these two. though my personal favourites have some more names but no doubt these two tops the chart. and not only with me, people who admire cricket and follow good cricket in spirit (apart from nationality, race) will surely agree on their names. Thanks for mentioning my name in your sources but I beleive thats the best compliment any cricketer can ever get. Keep writing 🙂 🙂


  2. If u take off ur eyes from the cricketers, and notify the usage of words which paresh twist and turns through out all the articles I m sure you would have known by now that he deeply delves each and every action made by cricketers. I believe his passion, obsession; vagrancy is dedicated only to cricket. Paresh is the height of optimistic where cricket is concern. Undoubtedly it made him an Editor. Besides his obsession towards it I know he would go his way out to surmount the rough comments if anyone dared to pass to paresh about the Indian Team. Now that’s a proud Indian to be!!

    Words have all surrendered to. Keep the good work!!

  3. Sachin is like god, in a country where cricket is a religion. We all rejoice when Sachin hits a century & probably turn off of TV sets when He gets out.

    He is truly SACHINCREDIBLE.

    But for some players like MS Dhoni, who keeps writing him off….

    It has been proven time & again that EAST OR WEST SACHIN IS THE BEST. He is arguably the biggest cricket icon as well.

    So Mr. Dhoni — choose your words carefully, especially before commenting against the masterblaster.

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