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Most Luxurious Tourists

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Hello Everyone. Welcome to Shams & Wags cricketing world. As we are eager for the Test to kick start against Aussies, you all must be feeling the same excitement.
The Official tour will start from 2nd Oct’08 but thanks to RCA (Rajasthan Cricket Association) and Mr.Modi the Oz’s team landed on 21st September and feeling MLT. Before anyone jumps or guess what MLT means let us clarify it stands for Most Luxurious Tourists. We just cannot digest the fact whether this is “Mehmaan-nawazi” for which we Indians are famous for or Mr.Modi wants Aussies to better be prepared for the big war.
Coming on to some stats to share with our readers there’s been a lot of criticism on our Fab Four which after exclusion of Ganguly from probable for selection has cut down to Fab three.
Our readers will surely like this one to read and to be proud of –
Total Test runs scored by Sachin, Dravid and Laxman are 28,100
Total Test runs scored by entire Australian team which is touring India – 27,834.
So one can imagine if the top guns fire and am very sure they would , Aussies will have to run down under for cover.

By: Saurabh Sharma

2 thoughts on “Most Luxurious Tourists

  1. An interesting insight – I think one must make Mr. Dhoni aware of such facts! Besides how do the odds stack up once Ganguly is included in the comparison? Surprisingly, if I remember correctly, wasn’t it ‘Dada’ who was felicitated as the Asian Cricketer of the Year some time ago!

  2. Why ppl are making this as hot topic. If they are welcome it is our goodness. We should always welcome our visitors like this.

    Better would be to see what will happen in matches (Mr. BCCI)

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