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Orange Aussie Squash

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Nagpur is famous for its Oranges, and now people will remember it for the Orange Aussie Squash. The way the Men in Blue  brutally murdered the Aussie attack was absolutely outstanding. Lethal and ruthless was the approach of the Indian’s on the field.Loss in the first match at Vadodara  had made a huge dent and people had already started writing off the Indian’s. Due credit goes to  Dhoni & Co, they got back with vengeance and slaughtered the Aussies. MS displayed his skills and played all the ‘lactose power’. Gautam Gambhir, who continues to be in a good form along with Raina & Sehwag supported the skipper with valuable knocks.
The Ton in this pressure match would now silent Dhoni’s critics. All he had to do is to let his blade do the talking and he obliged.357 is India’s highest against Australia and Dhoni’s 124 run is the highest made by any captain against Australia (Previous best Sanath Jayasurya 122) The mammoth total of 357 was too much for an ask for the Aussie as they were reduced for 45/3 in the first 11th over.
India won with a huge margin of 99 runs.
Time to remind Brett Lee that his wish of 7-0 has already been shattered.

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3 thoughts on “Orange Aussie Squash

  1. HI Shams n Wags,

    I have been following your blog for some time now. I myself am a great cricket fan.
    Some of the articles in the section Favorite are very good.
    Also when i went to about us column, I read about both of you guys. Happy to know Shams is a good Hindi guru..So a request to Shams, could you please write one article fully in Hindi?


  2. Hi Rohan,

    Thanks for your comment. This has super charged me to write full articel in Hindi although the script would be Roman.

    Atisheeghra aapke samaksha ek laekh hindi mein hoga.


  3. Hi Shams,
    Was looking for an update as its Monday, thought there would be some updated post…

    Well i wont be that good in Hindi, but to your enthu, i can say.. Hum lekh padhne ke liye utsuk hai.
    My Gmail id is [email protected]

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