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Out Goes Johnnie Boy- John Buchanan

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The after effects of the IPL T20 saw the men blue struggle to get a place in Semi finals of the ICC T20 world cup. yet another such after effect is the Ouster of the Kolkata Knight Riders coach John Buchanan.
The KKR team fared very bad in the IPL. The owner of the the franchise was very much frustrated with the teams performance. Sacking of John Buchanan is the out come of the frustration.
The theory of having seperate captains for Test and ODI’s was his peace of mind. It could be said it was a good idea, but some would think otherwise.

One point of consideration is that the coach can only show the vision, he cant actually be on the ground and take things forward. So blaming the coach for teams bad perfoamance and sacking is the bad idea.

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