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Sach Ka Saamna

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After watching both the episodes of the show Sach Ka Saamna on Star plus, we realized that there was nothing bad that Kambli spoke bad about the maestro.
The media had already blown Kambli-Tendulkar relation out of proportion days before the show was being aired and that had increased the curiosity level for every one to watch the episode.To gain TRP’s media companies can do anything.
Anyways we are happy that their relation is like taht of Jai& Veeru as it was earlier.

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1 thought on “Sach Ka Saamna

  1. That programme must be renamed as ‘Jhooth Ka Saamna’ after all the wrong hype they projected to get higher TRP.

    But this is our plight, as the media does not spare any hype opportunity.

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