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Serious Opener and Double Ton!!

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What a serious innings from the Flamboyant Southpaw. Scoring his first Double Ton in as low as 19 test matches is a big feat in itself. The very name of his suggests that he is a very serious player. He alongside with Sehwag makes a deadly opening pair as they score at a good rate. Yes we are talking about the Delhi south paw Gautam Gambhir. Scoring a Half Century, Century and a Double ton all in a row in consecutive innings, he has proved that he is there for many years now and that there are no doubts of his selection for the opening slot. His last 6 innings out of 9 have been of scores above 50 and this is the third consecutive innings he has crossed 50 run mark in three innings.

Shy person by looks, yet that does not make him a person who will take it from any one. One can ask the Australian bowlers about that as they got it back from Gauti both with the Bat and with the Mouth. While in form, he is a treat to watch and he plays very elegantly. Way ahead to go Gauti!!

The way has been playing against Australia suggest that the Australian have been out of sorts to get rid of the strong batting line up.Rickey Ponting himself rolled his arms to try his luck with the wickets. This is really frustrating for the Australians as they have yet again outclassed by the Indian Batsman.

On the other hand, VVS Laxman as he is always a danger man for Australia has again worked as a thorn in the arms of the Australians. Even he has the knack to score heavily against the Aussies. Yet again he scored a century against them in a very stylish manner. Out of the 13 centuries, he has made 6 of them against Australia which proves that Australians are his favorite opponents. He is Very Very Special to the Australians.He has now scored in excess of 2000 runs against them.

Laxman also has a knack to make a come back in a series and retain his side for the rest of the matches. Had Harbhajan Singh been fir to play for the match, it was Laxman who would have had to sit for the match to make way for the Captain Anil Kumble. But that was not the case as Bhajji was declared unfit. This was more than a chance or him and he ceased it with both the hands scoring a ton. Now the selection of the team for the next match is going to be all the more difficult.

Nevertheless,, lets not get too much into the selection, lets sit back and hope for a Great Indian Victory once again as we are all set for it.

That’s it from Shams & Wags for Now!!

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