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Short Singles- Part 2

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The Commentators are much like us cricket followers, as passionate and messy, just a bit more knowledgeable. In the heat of the moment, they make errors, which only alert minds notice. Here are a few examples from the most famous Cricket show of the world, BBC’s Test match special.

Short Singles

Am not naming the commentators, for the fear of defamation.

  1. ‘Welcome to Leicester, where Ray Illingworth has just relieved himself at the pavilion end.’
  2. ‘Barry Richards, the great South African batsman, has just hit one of Basil D’Olivera’s balls clean out of the ground.’
  3. ‘Boycott has advanced down the pitch, opening his legs and showing us his class’.
  4. ‘Kallicharan has just had a slash outside off stump.’
  5. ‘Neil Harvey is fielding in the leg slip position, legs wide apart, waiting for a tickle.’
  6. ‘The batsman has chanced his arm and it’s come off.’
  7. The BBC newsreader reading out the cricket results: ‘Yorkshire, all out for 364. Hutton out ill. I’m sorry, I’ll read that again. Hutton out, 111.’
  8. ‘Hadlee is a bowler who can bounce his balls past the batsman’s nose.’
  9. ‘Geoff Howarth has played the ball through the on side for two runs. That was a fine shit – ah, I mean fine shot.’

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