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Tainting Masters Image- Kambli Boy!!

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It was way back in Feb1988 the duo of Vinod Ganpat Kambli and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar started playing together for Sharda Ashram and went on making a record partnership of 664 runs. Kambli had a very promising career ahead and was rated far better than Sachin. He also scored 2 double centuries very early in the career.
Discipline and Dedication are the two D’s that sets apart one from the other. Kambli could not latch on to the D’s. A little stardom and he was on top of the world.No one remembers Kambli as a good cricketer. We all remember him as Sachin’s chum. The little Master has earned whatever he is known for mainly due to the D’s. Look at the way he has handled the celebrity status. Absolutely down to earth attitude and letting the bat talk rather than his mouth. One way he knows to silence his critics is letting his willow talk for which is highly regarded for.
The allegation of Sachin not helping him out is a real shame from Kambli’s side. Kambli made numerous come back in to the Indian National side and Sachin has supported him lots as well. Beyond that if a person fails to perform, even god can’t help it. One can support only till the extent if things are right , but once it goes in a wrong direction, no one will support. If a person has skills and he lets the world know what he is meant for by displaying his skills, why would he require anyone’s support? He can come up himself rather than depending on anyone else. Kambli’s remarks are difficult to digest but we are very sure that there would be very less amount of reaction from the Master blaster.
While he has quoted that it’s due to his caste he has to suffer the discrimination, one has to clearly understand that cricket does not see any religion. Cricket itself is a big religion and it treats every one equally. Once Mohammed Azharuddin had commented during the post match presentation that he belonged to Minority community … on and so forth. He had faced huge amount of criticism for making such statement that he had to apologies for the same.
We think that to drive mileage, he is attempting to adopt the Aussie way of fiddling with the image of the Indian cricketers.
Vinod’s bad luck is that he has chosen Sachin and we won’t be surprised that he will have to bear a heavy toll.

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