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Thunder Down Under!!

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The last ‘Hope’ that the Aussie had of going into the third final was over while Pravin kumar caught the Kokaburra. And the celebrations begin with the Men in Blue running all over the park at the GABBA.The way the Men in blue showcased their class was commendable.
Sachin again leading from the front and making the life miserable for the Aussies. He took us a decade back where he had played a same sort of innings against the Oz in Sharjah.

Time and again he reminds his critics to shut up. Every time and again one would debate that Sachin is not a big final player. By showcasing his class, yet again in the similar fashion with his willow, he made his critics seal their mouth. I think he has a very own mantra that every one should follow as a batsman – All it takes is a Willow Power!!
His innings took us a decade back where he had exploited the Aussies in Sharjha.
He is a man with a mission and no matter what his age is as some his critics would suggest, the grit and determination is same as of the new guys. His mere presence on the grounds makes a huge deal of difference.

One fan went up to Sachin asking for the autograph, while he was obliging, the fan asked so do we see you at Adelaide?
Instantly there was a calm reply, no mate we will win the series by then!! It was as if the fan checking out Sachin’s humor.

Our Men in blue had great answers for the arrogant Oz who lost coz of utter arrogance and complacency.They were best in all the departments.

Our fully charged Turbunator who played a hand in dismissing his dear friends Symo and Haydos was a treat to watch as he showed deadly positive body language that would motivate other players as well. It was fun listening to what he said finally in his interview with Gautam Bhimbani,
“I am happy that things will get settled now that we have won”.

Dhoni was at his best marshalling his recourses. Especially the youngsters and new comers. A young lad who would never had thought that he would play with the God who made the debut while he was 2 years old. Yes I am talking about Rohit Sharma. The entire team was seen as working as a unit.

The First final saw the baptism of Sydney Cricket Ground. A hoarding suggested the full form of SCG as Sachin Cricket Ground, where every one witnessed the maestros first century down under, also that he carried his bat through.

Not only on ground, one could see the enthusiasm in the commentary box as well. Even there it was an Indian show. Who better to comment than our very own Ravi Shashtri. Kudos to him as well.

While we al bask in the Glory of our famous win after so many years in Australi(Ravi Shastri’s Audi is what I recollect even as we won last time around), lets not forget the feat achieved by our U-19 boys in blue. A Fabulous effort in winning the U-19 World Cup.

For the time we win another series anywhere in the world,let’s cherish the memories of the Commom Wealth Bank Triseries.


7 thoughts on “Thunder Down Under!!

  1. At times after putting off my eyes after reading your words, am flustered about if u are one of the player in Team India or a fan who hogs cricket breadth cricket obsessed cricket and vagrancy cricket. One who cowers only in front of cricket? Keens will figure the tints of words behind cricket. Your words never shun cricket.

    An artist would have 1-2 master piece but undoubtedly you are one of the artist whose pen downed words turns a master piece every time


  2. Well well well…this remember me times when cricket fans all over the world use to say IND VS PAK clashes are most interesting and nail-biting. It’s because of emotions and carziness both countries share towards cricket. But surely after series between IND & Oz’s people have started believing that these are no lesser exciting matches. Hats off to our team who surpassed rude, arrogant and abusive aussie team in every term. By every I mean not only on field but off also. It is aussie’s tendency or to be more precise their game plan to distract opposition by their comments both on and off field supported hegely by their media. At this series everything got changed even Australian media has criticised Punter and his team.
    Godd going Paresh, keep posting gud articles.

  3. plz write something about ganguly too..coz i love him…and sachin’s description too good.. i beleve with this “his critics has to shut up”..

  4. I’ve understood that u r die-hard cricket buff! Visualizing is easier as one reads what you’ve written.
    However, I’m not even aquainted with the basics of the game..
    Keep writing & I’ll learn more abt the game from your blog posts…
    Way to go!!!

  5. Mr Cricketer i know u r a big cricket fan , but i m not much into it accpet India pak match or any othr match which gives tuff one to India…wel Tendulkar being my favorite u can go ahead writting sumthin gud fr him…..

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